How to Make Creamed Chipped Beef: A Comforting Classic Recipe

Creamed Chipped Beef, a dish cherished for its comforting and homey qualities, is a favorite in many households. The recipe involves creating a creamy, white sauce enriched with diced dry beef and served over toasted bread. This dish, known for its simplicity and heartiness, is ideal for a weekend brunch or as a warming meal on a cold day.

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Creamed Chipped Beef

Variations of this recipe often include the use of different types of dried beef or roast beef lunchmeat, combined with ingredients like milk, flour, butter, and a hint of cayenne pepper. Not only is it a delicious comfort food, but it also holds historical significance as a staple dish for American troops during World War II, often referred to as S.O.S (shit on a shingle).

The preparation of Creamed Chipped Beef is straightforward. Start by melting butter in a large pot, gradually stirring in a mixture of milk and flour until thick. Add the beef and cook until heated through. The final step is to pour this rich, creamy sauce over toast for a satisfying and filling meal.

This dish, while simple, offers versatility. You can explore various brands of dried beef and experiment with additional seasonings like black pepper and Worcestershire sauce to suit your taste.

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